Trade Study of an Interface for a Removable/Replaceable Thermal Micrometeoroid Garment
Effective thermal and micrometeoroid protection is essential for launch, re-entry, 0-G Extra Vehicular Activity, and lunar surface exploration. It is critical that the Thermal Micrometeoroid Garments (TMG) do not increase torque or decrease range of motion, which can cause crewmember discomfort, fatigue, and reduced efficiency. This study was conducted with the goal of developing high Technology Readiness Level, scalable, interface design concepts for TMG systems. 
Capacitive sensor systems and methods
A stretchable capacitive sensor with optional redundancy geometry and integrated strain relief to improve functional performance and durability intended for textile/apparel application.
Athletic monitoring garment with non-transmitting, non-receiving sensor systems and methods
A connected garment that includes a breath sensor module configured to respond to user respiratory rate and/or volume with haptic or other feedback methods. Electronics are embedded fully in the garment in order to be durable to wash-and-wear cycles and to simplify the user experience.
Protected article management
Methods for tracking, identifying and managing articles reliably and repeatedly through the use of physically uncopyable attributes inherent in an article of manufacture. Applications include documents, fashion accessories, artwork, and other objects.
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